Taking a job for the cash is not as important as taking a job for the joy.

~ Simon Sinek

In the beginning of my Accidental Sabbatical, I really thought it was about finding a job, the job, replacing the paycheck, reactivating the 401K.

Being ‘normal’ again.

But as this journey has changed me, and the definition of ‘normal’ has changed, I have come to the conclusion that ‘the job’ is simply an ongoing project. Finding a way to be useful and find joy in whatever it is I am doing, has become the ongoing project in life.

A project is basically defined as an endeavor that has a beginning, middle and an end, designed to achieve a particular goal.

This is the season of award shows, and as artists give their acceptance speeches, many of them inevitably talk about how lucky they are to get to wake up every day and do what they love. What they are really saying is that they are lucky to be able to earn money doing what they love to do.

So if we have work that earns money doing something that isn’t necessarily a first love, how do we have joy in that?

We choose joy.

I know, Kay Warren already wrote an excellent book on the subject; living it is the key.

For me that means focusing on the parts that give me joy in every project. I have multiple projects happening right now, and there are parts of each of them that give me great joy. Most importantly, I know that the Lord has given me each opportunity and when I feel that He has ‘placed me’, I intentionally look for the reason why… not only what my goals are but what His might be.

One goal is always in alignment, and that is for me to become more like Christ, for my faith to grow, for me to understand that the Almighty God loves me and is the source of all. It doesn’t matter what skills I have or that I get to use on any particular project. He provides.

He always provides enough financial resources, challenge, and joy.

Have you already found joy or a job or both?