Will you help me share hope with someone who is out of work?

It is challenging to market my own books, because I wrote them to encourage and help people, not to make money. I wish I could afford to just give this book, Accidental Sabbatical, to anyone without a job to share hope.

This week, a friend suggested that perhaps I could sell more if I change the word ‘God’ to ‘higher power’. But I’m not just writing about some vague higher power in the world. I am writing about the Almighty God who is THE higher power. And if that means limiting the market, I’m okay with that. I don’t proselytize or preach; I simply share hope.

My challenge during this Accidental Sabbatical has been to maintain hope and faith and God has provided hope, peace, and provision. For this time, He has given me a part to play in His story, and I pray that the book shares that hope and brings glory to Him.

Today, 10/31, is the final day to get a 99 cent Kindle version of my book, Accidental Sabbatical, and you can buy it here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ocgejJ

Will you share hope with someone today?