Wow! These same truths so apply to this transitional journey as well.

Urban Hallelujah


I saw this on Kay Warren’s facebook page and something in it deeply resonated with my soul.  May I learn to trust that He truly is the keeper and protector of my beating heart and my every moment.  May I believe Him at face value for His face is all I want to see.  May I be still and know, TRULY know Him.  I hope this blesses you today as it blessed me!

Lessons from Dementia
My 90-year old mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and while she has good days, she has some moments in which she doesn’t know where she is, isn’t exactly sure what is going on around her, and leans heavily on me for support –mentally, physically and spiritually.
The disease is always in a progressively downward motion, and we have had move her to the memory care unit of the assisted living facility…

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