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In just a few weeks my new book will be released:

Accidental Sabbatical: Hope for Surviving & Thriving While Unemployed

Many of us have been thrown into an Accidental Sabbatical due to unemployment. We find ourselves on this journey for many different reasons – in my case as a trailing spouse. Some of you have been casualties of downsizing or “rightsizing” or corporate politics.

Still others have been left behind in a divorce, or widowed. Some may even have been forced into retirement long before they would have chosen it.

Maintaining hope is the toughest part of the assignment for me. This is not exactly a ‘how to’ manual for being unemployed, nor is it a procedure manual for getting a job, however it is hope and information and resources I am sharing from my journey, intended to help us survive and even thrive on the journey as we figure out how to be, where to belong and what to do.

Your Accidental Sabbatical might not be so accidental after all.

I know that you all have ideas to share as well, and as soon as the book is out, I’d love to have you share them here.

More soon…